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Common Mistakes Drivers Make

Most drivers find themselves driving to auto shops because of an accident on the freeway or a scratch in the parking lot. Most of these accidents are preventable by limiting the mistakes. Below are the most common mistakes drivers make.

At the top of the list is driving above the speeding limit. Whether you have an emergency or just got carried away, speeding is a terrible mistake. Driving at high speeds denies you the chance to make decisions in time. When your reaction time is reduced, you are prone to making decisions on the road leading to accidents.

Another mistake is turning without using indicators. You can help other drivers know your next move. Making abrupt turns inconveniences other motorists, and when they cannot accommodate your mistakes, you may end up in an accident.

Other drivers drive too close to other vehicles. It is always advisable to keep a safe distance, especially when driving behind a heavy-duty vehicle or a car at high speed. Keeping a distance increases your reaction time if an emergency break occurs. Failure to do this might lead you to knock the car from behind.

Misjudging parking spots is also a driving mistake, and it could be very costly. Its important that every driver is familiar with the size of their vehicle. Knowing the length of the car enables the driver to estimate the parking position and comes in handy when trying to fit into a space. If you can't park by yourself, have someone give you directions and guide your turns.

While other mistakes look like amateur miscalculations, driving while fatigued can happen to anyone. Whether you did not have enough sleep or you are taking long trips, take time to rest. A well-rested driver is sharp and accurate in making decisions on the road.

Sometimes accidents happen even after following all driving rules to the letter. Sometimes it may not be your fault. Don't panic when this happens, and you need vehicle service and repair, don't panic. Drive to BumperDoc San Diego to have our experts attend to you.

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