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What Are The Benefits of Headlight Restoration?

Do you struggle to see the road due to too dim headlights? Do you feel like your headlights look dull and ugly? A headlight restoration service may be the answer to all your problems. BumperDoc San Diego has been a trusted auto body and collision repair source for more than 20 years. We can help improve the overall look of your vehicle by clearing your headlights and improving your safety. If your headlights have been oxidized and yellowed due to wear and tear, it would be best to seek a remedy from the professionals at BumperDoc San Diego.


Most car headlights are now made of tough plastic instead of glass, making them tougher to break. The downside to the material is that it is sensitive to discoloration from road debris, pollutants, and age, which is why one might need headlight restoration. During this service, our technicians will typically clean, buff, and polish the surfaces of your headlight lens using professional products. Below are some of the advantages of getting it done:


Benefits of Headlight Restoration

  • Removes the appearances scratches
  • Restores yellowed, hazy, dull-looking lenses
  • Maintains the overall value of your vehicle
  • Improves functionality and performance
  • Increases clarity
  • Improves drivers' and passengers' safety
  • Makes your car look better by adding radiance and shine
  • Saves you the cost of having to replace your headlights


The sun, dirt, rain, snow, and other natural elements can wear down your headlights after miles and miles of wear. Now that it's winter and the days are shorter, you'll need a reliable and clear pair of headlights to get you from point a to point b safely. 


Headlight restoration is an essential part of maintaining your vehicle. To learn more about headlight restoration and what it can do for you and your car, please visit or call BumperDoc San Diego today!

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