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Why Are Cars Sensitive to Dents?

No matter how cautious a driver you are, accidents can still happen out of your control. When it does occur, your car may be susceptible to ending up with dents. Cars are built in a way so that they can dent and absorb a higher percentage of the forces of a crash. To give you a better understanding of auto damage, below are some common reasons vehicles get dented and need repairs:

Bad Weather

This may seem silly, but harsh weather can be tough on your vehicle, including the body of the car itself. For instance, fog can make it harder to see, and rain and snow can cause slippery roads. In fact, heavy wind can also pose a danger to your vehicle. It causes dust and debris to fly around and collide with your car to cause dents.

Poor Quality Roads

Any rough or poorly maintained roads pose a hazard for your vehicle. Roads that haven't been worked on in a while can cause your tires to pick up broken down rocks and fragments and scrape your car. Moreover, potholes can do a number on both the inside and outside of your vehicle.

Parking Lot

We can probably all recall a crazy incident that we've had driving our cars in parking lots. Most people don't realize that parking centers are one of the most dangerous places for cars because many vehicles fit together in a confined space. People can slam their doors or let shopping carts road, causing dents to many vehicles. To mitigate your chances of this type of dent damage, we recommend parking further away from the entrance, in an area with fewer cars. 


If you have recently suffered from a dent or any other vehicle damage, please address it immediately to prevent further damage and higher repair costs. We invite you to BumperDoc San Diego today - we are the top choice for dent repairs in San Diego, CA, and surrounding areas.

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